Our Waynesville Bed & Breakfast is proud to share a number of articles and press we have received over the years. You will find links to press and media coverage we have earned from various travel writers. Our awards are based on some of the best service you will find in Western North Carolina. We have proudly been featured by AAA Travel Magazine, Smoke Signals, and NC Tripping.

We are grateful to our friendly & helpful staff, and to the service that we deliver, that continue to earn us excellent reviews and press coverage.

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Chad King
Owner, The Yellow House on Plott Creek Road
(828) 452-0991

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About the Property:

The Yellow House on Plott Creek Road is an award-winning inn located in Waynesville, North Carolina. It is located just outside of town, nestled among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Guests of The Yellow House have multiple lodging options, including 10 rooms and suites. The main house, built in 1885, has 7 guest rooms. The Pond House, located near the upper pond on the property, has 3 additional rooms, 2 of which are pet-friendly. All rooms have fireplaces, individually controlled heating and cooling, refrigerators, and private bathrooms.

The main house was built in 1885 by the Lykes family from Lorida. It was built in the Neo-Classical design and painted yellow, and has remained the same color ever since.

W.T. Lee owned the property in the 1920’s through early 1940’s. Lee was a North Carolina State legislator and active in Western North Carolina politics. The Yellow House became a popular gathering place for local politicians and civic servants. Many interesting political discussions allegedly took place on the veranda. During the Prohibition years, the main house doubled as a speakeasy, serving illegal alcohol. The current long, windy driveway was installed so that a look-out could spot authorities driving up and alert others so they could quickly hide the booze in the hidden room, previously located behind the bookcase in the back hallway.

Over time, the property was owned by other local prominent families, like the Masseys, whose descendants operate the popular chain of Mast General Stores in Western North Carolina, including one in Waynesville. The Smathers, another prominent family, owned the house and several of the surrounding acres, many of which have since been divided and sold. Mrs. Joyce Smathers also built the current red brick Yellow House veranda, replacing the old wooden one. She recalled that newspapers dating back 80+ years were found under the old porch when the veranda was replaced.

In the 1960’s Mrs. Smathers sold the main house to William McLean of the McLean trucking empire. The McLean’s added a new section to the back of the main house and completely renovated some of the older rooms. Mrs. Smathers moved into a home at the top of the upper pond, in what became known as “Joy’s Place.” She lived there until her death in 1997.

The property changed hands twice more since Mr. McLean’s ownership, including Tom Morgan, a local fuel magnate, and Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Thompson.

Ron and Sharon Smith acquired the property from Dr. and Mrs. Thompson. In early 1996, after completing renovations of the main house, the Smith’s officially opened The Yellow House Bed & Breakfast. In 1998, the Smith’s purchased “Joy’s Place” and the surrounding land placing them in The Yellow House Bed & Breakfast properties.

Donna and Steve Shea purchased the Bed & Breakfast property from the Smith’s in early 2004. They renovated “Joy’s Place”, now known as the Pond House, and created three new suites in the building. The Shea’s also added restaurant service and other amenities to the Bed & Breakfast.

In 2006, the Shea’s sold the property to Dr. Don Cerise. Dr. Cerise’s sister, Susan, operated the Bed & Breakfast for him. During that time, Susan added several landscaping features to the property including the small waterfall and stone patio. In early 2010, Shawn Bresnahan, a friend of the Cerise family, took over the day-to-day operations of the Bed & Breakfast from Susan.

In 2017, Ken and Kelli Todtenhagen purchased the Bed & Breakfast from the Cerise family and undertook several remodeling and restorative projects. In late 2019, Chad King and Josh Larson purchased The Yellow House from the Todtenhagen’s. Chad & Josh are proud owners & operators of this historic property steeped in rich history. They continue the tradition of delighting guests with southern hospitality while restoring and renewing the majestic property for all enjoy.

About the Amenities:

The Yellow House offers a homemade 3-course breakfast each day. The Yellow House offers free parking, free wifi, and Roku Live television in all TV-enabled rooms. All rooms are equipped with fireplaces, refrigerators, and private bathrooms. Some rooms offer balconies, patios, jetted or soaking tubs, and all guests have access to microwaves and Keurig machines 24-hours a day, either in-room or in nearby common spaces.

About the Owners:

Chad King and Josh Larson purchased the inn in 2019. Before owning The Yellow House, both Chad and Josh worked in corporate roles within Healthcare organizations.

“A friend asked me if we were going to move to Waynesville when she learned we were there again. I said, ‘why would I want to move there and miss out on the pampering we get at Yellow House?’” – Lynne W.